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The following lists, which are brought to you by VPOP3 (an awesome POP3/SMTP server),  are available for subscription by any and all. Just be sure to check out the relevant List Charter.  And when you're finished, be sure to check out the following websites in the UltraTech Zone:


For a time, we were keeping stats on the daily volume stats for both the COMPUTING and ADMIN_MISC mailing lists, and those historical charts are available here.

NOTE: Subscriptions will be verified prior to acceptance. Please enter your full name, unless you really don't want to join the list(s) in question. If I can't figure out who you are, then you can't enjoy the lists. 

(If you're really that intent on being anonymous, drop me an email. I can keep a secret!)


    This is a notification list for Knowledgebase Updates.  Updates to the UltraTech Knowledgebase (UTKB) are done about 2-3 times a month for the most part (or whenever I have lots of time), so this will not generate any real traffic.    Soon we'll have an RSS feed available as well.


  • COMPUTING (See List Charter)
    Fairly low volume list. Intriguing discussions concerning multi-platform computing and other work-related computing issues. Windows is the dominant platform for discussion, but every OS is welcome and all platforms are considered -- Unlike the list below.


  • ADMIN_MISC (See List Charter)
    A moderate-volume list full of off-topic discussions, and miscellaneous, pointless banter. A haven for those who grow weary of annoying users, fake admins and dreaded PHBs...  Don't join if you can't take LUSER bashing!!!

    Highly opinionated people can be found here, many of whom dislike Macs, Lotus Notes and other atrocities of the computing world.

    Don't mistake this for the serious COMPUTING list, just because it has ADMIN in the name...  It's all about Off-Topic stuff.

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Home Computing List Off-Topic List List Volume List Answers

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