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NOTE: This is a MODERATE to HIGH volume list!!!

Actually, our current average is very low (as compared to the stats maintained in the earlier part of the decade) at 50 or so messages a day during the week, and maybe 10 or 15 on weekends, but for a good while, we were averaging well over 600 messages (per day) during the week, and over 150 (per day) on holidays and weekends, as seen here.


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The purpose of the list is to provide a vehicle for Admins to have frivolous discussions and vent gripes, observations, concerns, or whatever it is that comes to mind when they seek release from the drudgery and tedium of their normal work environment.

Basically, anything is fair play. However, other than lusers, ladmins, PHBs, feeble technology and Dilbertesque characters, try to avoid unnecessary slander or defamation of character. :)

This is a robust a vibrant community. You would be well advised to lurk for a bit and see what this place is all about. This is a good way to avoid much unpleasantness later. Like any community, we've got, uh... guidelines and subtle codes of conduct. It would be best to get a good understanding of how things work prior to rushing in and causing yourself grief. <g>

In the event that you find the discussions too feeble for your liking, then be sure to check out my more serious and technically relevant Systems Administration list: COMPUTING 

Also, if the volume is too high for you, this list is also available in Digest format (although, it will be less fun and spontaneous...)

Hope you have fun!!!!


Andrew S. Baker aka ASB
List Guy...

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