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NOTE: This is a LOW volume list...

Our current average is approximately 20 messages a day during the week, and 5 or so on weekends, as seen here.

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The purpose of the list is provide a forum for high-level discussions pertaining to Modern Computing, with an emphasis on networking and the Internet. While much of the talk will be about Windows NT and other Microsoft Operating Systems, I fully anticipate lively discussions on high-end systems, as well as alternative OSes (such as OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, BeOS, Amiga, etc) and their interaction with NT/2000/Win9x (same network or same machine).

Also, of interest, would be various networking issues, involving routers, PPTP, VPN, LAN-to-LAN connectivity, and so on. The more complex the merrier.

To reiterate: This list is not about hand-holding. This list is for the discussion of advanced computing issues, particularly those that aren't covered in any FAQ or Whitepaper. Whether you use your computer for work or play, you can find something to discuss here. Industry news and politics are often subjects of discussion as well.

Lurk if you must, but for petty chatter, feel free to join one of the other mailing lists, or check out ADMIN_MISC...

I realize that the heading and areas for discussion are rather broad, but the goal here is to have *meaningful* dialog without all the unnecessary chatter that kills so many other lists:


A - No flaming!!! At least not to the list. Keep that stuff private.

B - Be sure to check the List Archives that my good buddy Miike Erdely has been kind enough to create and maintain.

C - Please Read!! If you haven't checked the usual sources for info before posting, please visit one of the sources below. It is not my intention to discourage questions, BUT, if you're not going to do any basic research to solve your own problems, then we'll be far less inclined to help you. 

For your own edification, check out the links below:

If there are any things that you would like to see on this list, its management or its content (or anything else), feel free to send me an email directly ([email protected]


Andrew S. Baker aka ASB
List Guy...

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